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Rooms in a prime location with Lighthouse beach virtually on your doorstep. 

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Ayurvedic Treatments

Hotel Samudra Tara can help visitors to Kerala seeking access to authentic Ayurveda treatments in Kerala. We treat your requirements with total confidentiality and work closely with medical practitioners to ensure that your needs are understood and met.As such as we do not offer prepackaged offers but rely on the advice of ayurvedic doctors and you to tailor an appropriate service for you.

Travel Operations

KERALA God’s own country is an increasingly popular tourist destination with amazing landscape, mouth watering food, warm weather and welcoming hospitality. The atmosphere is calm and gentle surrounded by palm trees, sea breezes, greenery and beautiful starlit sky.

Restaurant Services

The proper nutrition is an important element of any Ayurvedic cure. We always serve ‘Ayur food’ based on individual nutrition plan which our doctors work out according to your Ayurvedic constitution. It goes without saying that we serve non-Ayurvedic meals as well. Apart from Indian dishes, our chefs also prepare European, Chinese and Italian specialties. “Hotel Samudratara offers traditional Kerala, Chinese and Continental cuisine by choice.